Grade 12 University Level English – Yay, or Nay?

Here’s to my first blog post, U1A1!


Do I agree with the fact that the grade 12 University level English course should be a requirement for entry into all University programs? Yes, I do agree.

In absolutely any profession, English is going to be used. Whether you are a registered Nurse, Doctor, pharmacist, engineer, plumber, or a secretary; write ups with proper English will be needed. In such an industrialized world, communication is a key essence between people from all parts of the world. It is evident that the lessons and tips being taught in this particular course will be helpful and are needed for continuing education and professions. Have you ever wondered how scientific research papers are so eloquently written? Well, grade 12 English is a pre-requisite for writing classes in University.

The picture below is a very simple info graph on research-paper writing. Research papers are written by people of many professions. As you can see, a thesis/outline must be developed. English is a course in which you grow and become used to a specific style of writing. It would be extremely troubling if you were a student in grad school that had to write a research paper, but you were never taught valuable formal writing skills!



Although I believe that English should be a requirement for entry into all University programs, I do not believe that it should be included in one’s top 6 courses as it can impact a total average drastically. Not everyone is great at English, including me. I am  much more of a scientifically inclined student. I enjoy solving problems. Whereas with English, I tend to have difficulty portraying my thoughts in a formal fashion (proper and structured format), since my mind is constantly running all over the place. This is what led to me taking this course a second time around! Although, it is fair to say that there should be a minimum grade required to get the credit, such as a low 80, to ensure the proper skills are being reached to students so that they can continue to use them throughout post-grad.

4 thoughts on “Grade 12 University Level English – Yay, or Nay?

  1. I like that you mentioned potential requirements, such as passing the course with at least low 80s. It’s an interesting perspective, as those with higher marks in the course will (in my opinion) have more success in post-grad research papers, reports, etc. You mentioned that you sometimes find it difficult to organize your thoughts… Do you think that taking English courses help you to organize them, or give you some structure when writing out your thoughts?

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  2. Hello Saj!

    I’d like to start by telling you how much I love how you included that info-graphic! It really made your point hit home and furthered your proof. Now, as much as I liked that info-graphic I do have to say that your final paragraph provided a different perspective for me that I had not previously considered, and I really enjoy that you did that. Personally, English is one of my favourite courses simply because of how I learn, but I acknowledge that for a lot of people it’s not a class they enjoy. Your idea that it should not be included in the top six average is an awesome way of encouraging people to take English class for the added benefits — it takes away the pressure and leaves all the good.

    Way to go on your first blog post! 🙂

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